What we offer

We offer education and training in the performing arts to talented students from all over the world in the disciplines of music, acting and dance, as well as theatre and screen production.

The success of our graduates proves the high quality of what we offer. They are the backbone of artistic life in the UK. Most players in UK orchestras, for example, graduated from a UK conservatoire, and our graduates can be found in theatres, opera houses and on screen all over the world, from Munich to Melbourne, and from Beijing to Berlin. They are also found in other performing and cultural arenas, from recording studios, broadcasting companies, technical theatre and production, to education, arts management, publishing and the media.

Each of the eleven UK conservatoires has its own distinct history, purpose and identity. Their different ‘flavours’ provide applicants with an exceptionally wide range of study-options.

Our courses lead to qualifications at undergraduate level (usually Bachelor of Arts [BA] or Bachelor of Music [BMus]), Masters level (usually Master of Music (MMus) or Master of Arts [MA]), and Doctoral level (Doctor of Music [DMus] or Doctor of Philosophy [DPhil]). Undergraduate music programmes at the majority of UK conservatoires last four years (rather than the three years of a university degree). The addition of the fourth year allows space for students to refine their talents and for their creativity to flower, providing disproportionate added value to the degree. The success of this model is reflected in the outstanding career destinations of conservatoire music graduates.

The education we offer is both broad and deep. High value is placed on individual development. In fact, one-to-one and small-group teaching is the focal point of the experience. The teachers are experts with significant profiles as leading professionals who know what is required to succeed in the business and how to respond to individual educational needs.

Conservatoires have strong and deep connections with all areas of the arts world, promoting professional standards and etiquette as a matter of course. Programmes are delivered by respected mentors, whether in weekly lessons with principal teachers, in group projects with leading conductors, directors and choreographers, or in seminars, workshops or master-classes with international figures. This provides a full timetable of activity each day, while allowing time for private study. This intensive preparation will lead to public performance, often in diverse settings, be they schools, theatres, dance studios, instrument museums, hospitals or various forms of studios.

Many students gain experience in the professional world. To reap the full benefit of the teaching environment a student needs careful tutorial guidance to bring these diverse elements together coherently. All our institutions therefore provide a personalised learning programme for each and every student, which is tailored to their needs, talents and aspirations.